Welcome To UCM in Warrensburg

Located in west central Missouri, Warrensburg is a comfortable town that offers nearly 20,000 residents a close community atmosphere. With more than 80 unique restaurants, stores, parks and golf courses, Warresnburg is the perfect place for you to relax and spend time with friends while balancing your academic career.

Upon arriving in Warrensburg, you’ll find a distinctive blend of small-town friendliness and big-city culture. New people enter the commuinty each semester to attend UCM from more than 40 states and 60 countries. In addition to the activities on campus, Warrensburg offers:

  • An historic downtown just five minutes from campus
  • A train depot with a stop on the River Runner
  • An easy and short drive to Kansas City (under 60 miles)

Since being named the county seat for Johnson County in 1836, Warrensburg has become a center for a variety of enterprises.

burg 101 Warrensburg MO Missouri 64093 About Moving City

Source: University of Central Missouri; March 3, 2016; Website

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